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Evangelist Jeremy A. Ashby



     I am Evangelist Jeremy A. Ashby. I am also a teacher of the Gospel here at Newport PCG. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to welcome you to the Newport Pentecostal Church of God web Ministry. God has so graciously blessed us with the outpouring of His Holy Spirit through the preaching of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. Miracles, signs and wonders are being manifested rapidly in this House of God! Souls are being saved and lives are being changed. People from many different ethnic, denomenational and cultural backgrounds are turning back to the risen savior Jesus Christ, for a renewing of Life. The enemy; For so long now, has devoured our homes, schools, our work places, Nation and the entire World to the point where sin is being accepted and God is being cast out. I believe God is raising up a generation of young, anointed Ministers of the Gospel; Who are tired of compromise and are ready to take the "Good Fight of Faith", to the Enemy.

                 I was a very young child, raised in the pews of a little Church of God. I can remember that small white church on a hilltop of Bald Knob, Arkansas where my Father; Larry D. Ashby would teach every service. As a child I would sit quietly watching my Father pace back and forth as he taught the Gospel under the anointing. Many times as I watched him I would close my eyes and see myself many years later preaching and teaching in the same manner. I would often have dreams of Jesus and angels. I can also remember even as a child experiencing encounters with demonic spirits as I found myself yelling Jesus! As if I was a preacher. The memories we have as children that mode us into the men and women of God we are today. Such as my mother; who called me her "Little Prophet", because of the details I would portray of my dreams and encounters.

      I thank God for such loving parents. Without them I would not be who I am today!  I reached the age of maturity and as time passed graduated High School and soon began college. To make a long story short I found myself failing because of my lack of dedication to succeed; but my willingness to drink and party which resulted in me dropping out of college. I needed money. I found security and financial refuge in the Natural Gas and oil Fields of America. Resulting in more drinking; more partying; And soon following drugs and women. I found out a very hard way, that sin is most definitely pleasurable for only a season. I lost my home; My Job, money and all other belongings. Afterwards I fell into a deep state of deppression and began to experience suicidal thoughts and actions. I drank heavily as time passed and lost all respect for my family and those around me. I was on my way to death and Hell and wasn't looking back. But; There was someone looking at me, even though I had no clue He was there.

      I was on the internet one evening when I came across a youtube video of Jimmy Swaggart. I can't remember the song or what exactly was said. However, I do know that I felt something I hadn't felt sense I was a child. I went into my bedroom around 8:00 that night and began to pray and cry out to God. Little did I know He had been waiting on me for some time! When I was through praying it was 4:00 the next morning. In one night of prayer I dedicated my entire life to God. I was completely delivered from Alcohol, drugs and depression. I asked God for a good church, and not a week later I met someone who invited me to the Newport Pentecostal Church of God. The moment I entered the door I knew this is where God wanted me to be. Months later I preached my first message and experienced a tongues and interpretation. God said,"I have called you and brought you here; I have planted you as a tree to grow and bare fruit and be a witness unto me". I have proclaimed Jesus Christ and Him Crucified sense that day! 

                Now I am a teacher, evangelist, drummer and witness for Christ Jesus.
God continues to open doors and allows me to Minister in many different churches. I am available for Revivals, Camp Meetings, Fill Ins, Classes and much more. Please feel free to email me at any time for availability and questions you may have. jeremyashby@newportpcg.com