Our Pastors

Pastor Jay, Leah, Jacob and Hannah Cox

Pastors Jay & Leah

Brother and Sister Cox were elected pastors of our church in November 2008.  Bro Cox was born in West Helena, Arkansas  and moved to Newport at the age of six where he remained until  he graduated Newport High School in 1995. After college, he spent some time in full-time youth ministry in Batesville, then later in Rogers AR. Bro. Cox had faced some difficult obstacles in his life that tried his faith, causing him to return home to Newport where he married the love of his life Sis. Leah Cox. It was then he was introduced to the Pentecostal Church of God where Sis. Cox attended as a child.  From that first service on, there was no turning back. He was baptized with the Holy Ghost and later felt the call to preach and then pastor. He greatly appreciates the men of God who helped pave the way for him. Giving honor to his first pastor in the PCG Bro. Marty Russell as well as all those that have made such a difference in his life.

Sis. Cox was born in Newport and was raised in Tuckerman, AR where she graduated in 1998. After college she worked as a nurse in the hospital and then worked for a local doctor in his office for over a year.  Not to long after this Sis. Cox faced some hardships to her health that caused much physical pain and damage to her body, requiring multiple surgeries. Due to the illness in her physical body, she had to give up nursing, but her real passion is to work for the Lord.  As a little girl, under the influence of many wonderful women of God, and influential pastors wives, she prayed that God would let her be a pastors wife too. The Lord granted that prayer by giving her a calling to be a Pastors wife and help others in service.  She is also called to preach the gospel and is called to lead praise and worship, as well as teach children, all of which she is very passionate about. She was blessed to be raised by parents who love the Lord and support the work that God has called her family to do. Sis. Cox has one brother who is a pastor in the Assemblies of  God.  

Together Bro. and Sis. Cox were elected pastors of Victory Lighthouse Pentecostal Church of God in Jonesboro, AR  in 2002 and were there until November 2008.  In their tenure there, they saw many souls saved, many baptized and filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered and set free by the power of God. They gained much experience in their time as pastors there. The Lord taught them many things about ministry and caring for people and those that are in need. Many lasting friendships were made at Victory Lighthouse and many more memories that they will always hold close to their hearts.  

Bro. and Sis. Cox also have 2 beautiful children that were born while they were pastoring in Jonesboro. Jacob, 6, and Hannah, 3, are both wonderful precious miracles from the Lord. They help mom and dad out a lot in the ministry and love going to church and loving the Lord. They both like to sing and praise the Lord.

Bro. and Sis. Cox have also served as Section 8 Youth Directors for 2 ½ years and now are serving as Section 8 Presbyter.

Newport PCG feels very blessed to have Bro. Jay and Sis. Leah as their pastors. Jacob and Hannah are truly a blessing and they bring such joy to all those that see their smiling faces. We look forward to many years of having Pastors Jay and Leah lead us in the direction that God would have our church go!

A Note from the Pastors:  

It is our greatest desire to serve the Lord and to help others.  We are blessed and honored that He has called us and given us a charge.  We are proud to be back in our hometown pastoring our wonderful church and doing the work of God.  We have a wonderful church family who have the vision and want to see God move in His fullest.  We’re growing physically as well as spiritually moving forward in His power!  We welcome everyone to come and be a part.  We love you very much!

Pastors Jay and Leah Cox

In Memory of Mrs. Patsy Cox

Pastor Cox would also like to honor the memory of his mother, Mrs. Patsy Cox, who touched the lives of many. “It was her that brought me to church and taught me about Jesus and to put others before myself.  My mother helped me at the age of 12 to put my first message together.  Upon leaving this earth she instilled in me the importance of giving to others, the message of the Lord and living for God.”

“Mom I love you and we’ll meet again soon in glory.”

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