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The Newport PCG J-Walkers are a spirit filled group of teens, ready to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ at all times. The Youth Group here at PCG strictly puts their faith in Jesus Christ and Him crucified. The J-Walker Youth Center is located at 2620 Hwy 367 (Next to radio shack) Our Youth Center is stocked with games such as Pool, Ping Pong, and Air Hockey. The Center provides sound equipment for worship and snacks for the teens. This youth center is open to ages from 13 to 20 and every teen is welcomed, even if you’re not a member of the church. We encourage all teens to come out and have fun learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ with the J-Walkers. 

Youth Service  
  • Youth Service is Every Friday @ 7 pm – 9 pm.

Church Services  

  • Teen Class: 9:45 am (Sunday Morning)  
  • 5:00 pm (Sunday Afternoon) 7:00 pm (Wednesday Night)

PCG Youth

 "Kidnap the Pastor"

Lifehouse - "Everything"
Human Video
  Rapture Ready?

Rapture Video

 A Letter From Hell

Letter From Hell



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